Enjoy Nice Breeze and Scenery of Bukit Bendera Penang Malaysia

Enjoy Nice Breeze and Scenery of Bukit Bendera Penang Malaysia – Penang is one of my favorite states in Malaysia. It is located on the northwest coast of Malaysia Peninsular. It’s capital city called Georgetown, a very nice cultural city which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Penang is like a heaven for food lovers like me. A lot of Peranakan Cuisine and other local dishes which we have to try. It will be easier for those who eat pork as a lot of restaurants and food stalls serve food that contains with pork. Anyway you do not need to worry as the halal food even vegetarian food are also served at many restaurants.

Other than culinary, Penang is also famous with many tourism attractions. As it is listed in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Penang also has nice beaches, great natural forest, beautiful temples and the nice landscape from the summit of the Penang Hill which is in local language called as Bukit Bendera.

Enjoy Nice Breeze and Scenery of Bukit Bendera Penang Malaysia is the best thing to have while in Bukit Bendera or Penang Hill. We can see the beautiful of Penang from the summit of this hill.

I took Rapid Penang bus # 204 from the bus stop in front of Chowrasta Market, Georgetown. Enjoyed the busy city of Georgetown and Air Itam until the bus reached the last stop which was at the entrance gate of Bukit Bendera. If you took a Hop On Hop Off bus, Bukit Bendera also listed in the tourist attraction which this bus will visit. Of couse regular Rapid Penang is cheaper than Hop On Hop Off one. Unfortunately I forgot how much it cost but the most expensive bus ticket in Penang is RM 4.

You should buy the ticket at the locket. By having the ticket, a tram will take you up to the hill faster. The other way is by hiking but I am not sure how and where is the route but on the way back to the entrance area, some people got on the tramp from couple stops.

Oh ya, the fare of return tram ticket for foreigner is RM 30/perso – adult while for kid is RM 15. You will get the card to be tapped on the entrance gate then put it in the assgined machine when you leave the area.  If your lost the card, you might not be able to pass the exit bar.

The tram operating hours is 0630 – 2300 daily. One way journey to the hill top will take about 15 minutes while the tram interval is every 30 minutes. Once you arrived on the hill area I believe you will enjoy nice breeze and scenery of Bukit Bendera Penang Malaysia. Fresh air, beautiful flowers, breathaking views of the Penang City from the hill top will give you an amazing feeling.

While enjoy nice breeze and scenery of Bukit Bendera Penang Malaysia, you can stop by at David Brown’s which is located at the Strawberry Hill. This nice restaurant offers vary of Western menus, traditional roast and some vegetarian selection. David Brown’s restaurant in Penang Hill opens daily at 0900 – 2200.

Other thing the visitor can enjoy in Bukit Bendera area is the cultural attractions where a mosque is built next to a Hindu Temple. They live peacefuly though they have different backgound and culture. Next to them, you can see a colonial guard house which is nice for your photo background. Won’t it be interesting?


Perbadanan Bukit Bendera

Ayer Itam, 11500  Pulau Pinang

Open daily : 0630 – 2300


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