Visit Unique Chew Jetty Village in Penang Malaysia

Visit Unique Chew Jetty Village in Penang Malaysia – Penang is one of a nice state in Malaysia. Its capital is Georgetown which is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. I think it is decent to be on the list since this city is very unique and well maintained, especially how to keep its heritage.

This is why I fall in love with Penang, especially Georgetown. Besides a lot of delicious food I can enjoy at almost its corners, I also enjoy walking at its pedestrians. Well maintained old buildings is one of the tourism attractions in Penang.

The entrance of Chew Jetty Village in Penang Malaysia Visit Unique Chew Jetty Village in Penang Malaysia

One of them is Chew Jetty. You might have question on what Chew Jetty is. So, let’s find out! Back to earlier Chinese settlement in Penang  couple centuries ago, there were some clans who decided to stay for good. They built villages on stilts on Penang seafront. To make identification easier, they named the jetty based on their Chinese clans and Chew is one of them.

I am not sure how many clans on the water villages. However, the most famous one is Chew Clan who managed Chew Jetty. I have been to Penang couple times but never interested to visit this area. Until one day I saw a nice picture of sunset at Chew Jetty then i decided to visit unique Chew Jetty Village in Penang Malaysia.

Entrance of Chew Jetty Operations hours of Chew Jetty

It is easy to go to Chew Jetty. Get on the free Rapid Penang bus and stop at Pangkalan Weld (Weld Quay). From this bus station, you need to take a short walk to reach Chew Jetty. If you found difficulties, look at the city map or use your Google map. Keep walking until you see a lot of lanterns in the entrance gate.

Even though Chew Jetty is the most tourist friendly among other clan jetties, all visitors should put respect to the written rules. Visitors should visit at their visiting hours which is 0900 – 2100. Do not take pictures at the houses who put warning on their doors. Do not trespassing into their properties as most of the houses are private houses.

I believe as tourist, we might expect to see nice and clean tourism spots. In fact, you might smell bad odor or see dog’s stools. So, watch your steps! One more thing, do not ever expect to see modern infrastructure as these are heritage wooden houses built on stilts hundreds years ago. The good thing is they maintain everything and become its uniqueness. 

There are some souvenirs stands that you might be interested to stop by. I found some nice postcard and t-shirt with good quality. I cannot find the images on the postcards and t-shirt at other places in Penang. 

While waiting for the sunset, I enjoyed to see how the Chew Jetty’s inhabitant live their lives. Some people do praying at the temple. Some others manage their boat. Unfortunately, I did not see people doing fishing when I was there. 

When you have opportunity to visit Georgetown, I suggest you to Visit Unique Chew Jetty Village in Penang Malaysia. It is free! No entrance ticket to pay.

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