Cat Statues Hunting at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Cat Statues Hunting at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia – Have you ever heard about Kuching, a state in Malaysia? What do come up to your mind when you hear about this city? Kuching in Melayu means Cat. So in other words, Kuching could be known as Cat City. I was curious what is the reason of giving this name to a nice city known as Kuching.

Refer to some stories, people believes that this city is more likely named after an area called Sungai Kuching in the surroundings of Bukit Mata Kucing. In the past, people were easy to find local fruit named Mata Kucing. We can conclude that Kuching is not really related to the cats which are easily found in this city , but more to the name of the area. I think, we should dig more to find out the truth behind the name of Kuching.

Kuching Sarawak Malaysia One of Cat Statue at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Me and 3 friends were lucky! We got promo ticket to fly to Kuching. It was the first time for me to touch down Borneo Island. Surely, I was very excited and so were my friends. We wanted to explore Kuching.

Arrived at the airport, for sure we collected the tourist map and other information related to the city. It is a must for independent travelers like us to get as much as information prior to the exploration.

Cat Statues at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia Cat Statues at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

We knew that there is some cat statues in this town. To make this trip more memorable, we did Cat Statues Hunting at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia. When we did browsing on internet, we found that there are 4 (four) cat statues in Kuching. They are scattered at some locations. Luckily, when we bought souvenirs at a store, a nice young lady told us to find one more cat statue. It is relatively new so not many people knew it.

We started our cat statues hunting right after left our accommodation at Green Hill Street. The area along waterfront side are the most strategic area to stay if you are planning to go to Kuching. 

the most iconic cat statue

By holding as our guide, we finally found the first cat statue. This is the most iconic and popular cat statue. We can see several cats in different shapes and colors. The clue : Find the McDonald’s outlet or the Grand Margherita Hotel. It is just across the street.

We then continued our cat statues hunting at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia and found the second one. It is not really far from the first one. Located in a intersection at Padungan area, these four white cat statues attached to a monument which is called Chan Chin Ann Tower.

Then we continued searching the Padungan area which is originally an old Chinese shop-houses area. We can find some traditional Chinese pastry shops where I bought some yummy mooncakes. From old style restaurants, candies stores, cafe to some retailers shop who sells metals and other things are available to visit. I saw homemade Chinese bun factory (mantao) which was ready to deliver their products to the outlets. Morning is always busy for Chinese people everywhere.

At the end of this road or at the entrance of Padungan, you can see a big white cat statue. This great white cat statue stands in the middle of a small garden. It is seems like a waving cat. Local people told me that this cat will be dressed up in traditional outfit depends on the people’s celebration in Kuching. Unfortunately,no celebration when I was there.

We continued the Cat Statues hunting at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia. Finally, we found the newest one. This is the one the girl told us. This black and white cat is located in front of Roxy Hotel Padungan. Seems like less people aware of this statue since we did not see other people took pictures except us.

Cat Statues Hunt at Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Finally, we found four cat statues, thus one more cat should be found to complete the hunt. Unfortunately, its location is a bit far from Padungan. Therefore, we should go back to Waterfront area and walk to the bridge. Certainly, taking Grab was the good idea other than walking under the heat. Such a lazy travelers isn’t it !! We paid for RM 8 for a 4 seaters car so each of us only paid for RM 2. But, it saved our time! I suggest you to install GRAB application from Playstore if you travel to Malaysia and Indonesia. It is safe and reasonable. 

Once we reached the Darul Hana bridge, just walk to the India Street. Then you will find metal statue of cats across of India Street. Unfortunately, these metal statues need to be maintain better. Repainting is a must I believe.

Yeay!!! We completed our hunt. Finally, we found all cat statues in Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia. It’s challenging yet fun to find them all. You should also try when you are in Kuching.

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