Pak Tasrip Homestay Base Camp Before Hiking Mount Semeru

Pak Tasrip Homestay Base Camp Before Hiking Mount Semeru – Hiking is a challenging activity for many people. Some even come to a mountain purposely to hike. I remember some of my friends even put hiking as their regular agenda.

In Indonesia, there are some mountain summits that you should consider to climb during your visit in Indonesia. One of them is Mount Semeru, an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. This is one of the most popular hiking destination in Indonesia. Usually, people call it Mahameru which means The Great Mountain. Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java Island.

Pak Tasrip Homestay Ranupane Indonesia Pak Tasrip Homestay Ranupane Indonesia

To be able to hike, you should make online registration to the website of BromoTenggerSemeru. I suggest you to make an advance registration. You can find all requirements and other information related to hiking preparation on the website.

You will need at least couple days to climb Mount Semeru which elevation is 3,676 meters MASL (meter above sea level).  Considering the track and timing, you might need a place as a transit or stay-over. The last village for hiker’s base-camp called Ranu Pani or Ranu Pane.

The hallway at Pak Tasrip Homestay Ranupane Indonesia Living room at Pak Tasrip Homestay Ranupane IndonesiaIf you checked to Lonely Planet, a worldwide travel guide book based on people’s experiences, there is one recommended accommodation in Ranu Pane. This place called Pak Tastip Home Stay.  A very modest accommodation but it is maintained and clean.

Pak Tasrip Homestay Base Camp Before Hiking Mount Semeru gives an excellent service to all its guests. Now, Thomas, Pak Tastip’ son who manages the accommodation will help you to arrange all you need for doing the trekking to Mount Semeru. Thomas

Thomas could help you in booking porters, renting the hiking equipment and preparing meals you will need during the hiking. He even could arrange the airport pick up whether you landed  or fly through Surabaya or Malang airport. Moreover, Thomas will brief you on what should and should not do while hiking the Mount. Semeru.

The room at Pak Tasrip Homestay Ranupane Indonesia The room at Pak Tasrip Homestay Ranupane IndonesiaThe best thing is Thomas and family speak English, while limited people in Ranupane village could speak English. I believe this is very helpful for those who cannot speak Bahasa Indonesia. This family is very nice and caring. I believe you will not be disappointed to get in touch with Thomas and his family.

You should aware that this accommodation was built in Indonesian style. So do not be surprised if the toilet is the squatting one. Since the weather in Ranupane and Mount Semeru is averagely cool or even cold, there is no air-condition in this property as well as heater. Bring jacket or sweater or sweat-shirt with you when you go to Mount Semeru area. Especially in August and September, the temperature could be very low even almost 0 Celcius.

Pak Tasrip Homestay Base Camp Before Hiking Mount Semeru The bathroom at Pak Tasrip Homestay Ranupane

The bathrooms are sharing with other guests. All of them were equipped with hot shower. This lodge has several room not really a lot. Only 13 bedrooms which consist of 22 beds.

In order to get a room at Pak Tasrip Homestay, you should make an advance booking. Most of time, this property is fully booked not only by foreigners but also by local. Since 1986, Pak Trasrip Homestay is the most trusted accommodation for those who climb Mount Semeru. 

Leave your message to Thomas and he will surely reply you and confirm your booking if the room you need is available.


Desa Ranupane, Lumanjang

Owner : Thomas Sanjaya (Pak Tasrip’ son)

Email :

Mobile phone : +62-828 393 0369 / +62-812 4942 3768












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