Pohon Inn Hotel Batu The Closest to Batu Secret Zoo

Pohon Inn Hotel Batu The Closest to Batu Secret Zoo – You might hear about one of the best zoo in Indonesia which is located at Batu, East Java, Indonesia. It is called Batu Secret Zoo. This zoo is located in the complex of Jatim Park 2, a theme park which has Zoo, Museum and Eco Green Park inside.

Since the area of Jatim Park 2 is wide enough, you will need more than 1 day to explore this park. I think 2 days is sufficient to be in Batu to enjoy these parks and museum. The open hours of Jatim Park 2 is at 10:00 – 17:00 every day while on the peak season, it might open earlier.

receptionist at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu Indonesia Pohon Inn Hotel Batu Indonesia

In order to  make your holiday more efficient, I suggest you to stay close by this park. There are a several small hotels, guest houses and villa you can choose depend on the budget you have. If you have more budget, you can stay at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu The Closest to Batu Secret Zoo.

Pohon in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) means tree. Since the exterior design of this hotel looks like a tree trunk, then the owner named it Pohon.

Room at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu Indonesia Room at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu IndonesiaPohon Inn Hotel at Batu city is a 3 star hotel. The owner of this hotel is as same as the theme parks. Certainly, the management will give the staying guests privilege which is not applicable for public. So, if you stay at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu, you will get extra access to Batu Secret Zoo. Means you can in and out without limitation however you still have to get stamp from hotel’s receptionist to get the permit.

Triple room at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu East Java Indonesia Standard Room at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu East Java Indonesia

The room types available at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu are Superior, Deluxe  Family, Triple Bed and Suite Room. The suite room is very nice, chic and spacious. Not sure how much it cost but it is the highest room type at Pohon Inn Hotel Batu. However, family room fits for 4 person will be great choice for your and family.

If you are lucky to get a room with zoo view, you will see a picture-square scenery of Mount Panderman. While at night, you might hear some lions roaring or the owl hooting. It is very unique hotel indeed.

Each room is equipped with private bathroom. You will get standard toiletries at the bathroom. Clean towels are provided as well. The bathroom does not have bathtub only shower but all with hot and cold water. At certain months, the weather of Batu city is cool enough that makes some people needs to have hot shower.

Generally, the hotel room and toilet cleanliness is relatively moderate. At some corners, we can find musty smell or dirty table. The management should put concern on cleaning works related to make all guests feel comfortable.

The most interesting of this hotel is their revolving restaurant. It is the first and the only one in Batu city. This restaurant called The Jungle Fast Food. Even though they use fast food in their name, it does not mean that this restaurant serves the junk food.

They serve regular food. The daily breakfast is also served in this restaurant. Located next to the lobby area makes The Jungle Fast Food easy to find. While having your food, you can see some animals from the glass windows at one side of the restaurant. This restaurant serve all day dining for both hotel guests and general visitors. Quality of the food is average, not really special. The F&B team of Pohon Inn Hotel Batu has to improve the quality and taste of their food in earnest.


Jalan Raya Oro-oro Ombo 9, Complex Jatim Park 2, Batu, Indonesia


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