Hunting Iconic Murals in George Town Penang Malaysia

Hunting Iconic Murals in George Town Penang Malaysia – George Town in Penang Island is one of my favorite city in Malaysia. I never get bored to visit this nice city. George Town is the officially the capital city of Penang state which has been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. If you are a culture lover like me, I bet you would love this very awesome city.

Strolling around George Town and crossing the alleys would be an interesting adventure. Just need a pair of healthy foot to explore the old town or take the free RAPID bus when you get tired. Nothing is difficult to get in Penang. While in Penang, I suggest you to bring umbrella or hat along. Yeah, Penang is a bit hot.

The Trishaw and the Paddler at George Town Penang Mural of boy with helmet at George Town Penang

One of the most famous attraction in Penang is the murals or street arts. On my last trip to George Town, I decided to do murals hunt to find all the painting on this city’s wall. I brought a city map with me along while did this hunting. Oh ya, I suggest you to get city map special on street arts which is available at the most of accommodation in George Town.

The map for mural hunt in George Town Penang The queue at Iconic Murals in George Town Penang

Based on the information I got, these murals was started in 2012. Luckily, Penang’s municipal council hired a London-trained Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic to bring new atmosphere to Penang atmosphere. He created some art works in Penang city center’s street and later all these murals attract the attention locals and tourists.

Nowadays, there are more than 20 murals spread in George Town. Besides, those created by Ernest Zacharevic, some local artists continued the project by creating more street arts work.

Iconic Murals in George Town Penang Iconic Murals in George Town PenangSince I stayed at Penang Road, the most strategic location in George Town; I started the murals hunt by stopped by at Red Garden Food Paradise. On its parking area, I found the big mural of the trishaw and the paddler. It is in Muntri Road. From this first point, I continued the hunt to other roads such as Ah Quee  Street, Lebuh Armenian, Armenian Street, Cannon Street until at the Chew Jetty Area. Hunting iconic murals in George Town Penang Malaysia took a full day walk. Surely, I stopped by for lunch and having snack time.

Be aware that at some famous murals, you might have to wait in line to take picture. People did not only take picture of the murals but they wanted to take them as the photo background. Since each murals have their stories, your expression should be matched to it. But, take it as a fun thing to do and anyhow, it was really fun exploration.

Iconic Murals in George Town Penang Malaysia Took Picture at one of Wall full of painting on George Town Penang

So, when you had opportunity to get in George Town, Penang; I suggest you to spend one day to explore its aisles. It is very interesting since you will see how interesting the local culture is.  Do not forget to taste very delicious Penang culinary as well. Penang will never let you down.

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