Comfort Stay at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia

Comfort Stay at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia – Indonesia is blessed with a beautiful nature. Each province has their own beauty which you will not find at other province. Moreover, Indonesia has 17,054 islands. Can you imagine how to explore all those islands?

There are several big and main islands in Indonesia such as Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Papua. Java island is divided into 5 (five) provinces. One of them is East Java where Mount Bromo and Ijen lie on this province. Mount Bromo is in Malang city while Mount Ijen is in Banyuwangi.

You might know that Mount Ijen is one of the active volcano in Indonesia. This volcano has a one kilometer wide turqouisse acidic crater lake. Based on the information I got, this acidic crater lake is the largest highly acidic crater lake in the world. That is why you should come to Mount IJen at least once in your life time.

The entrance of Aston Hotel & Conference Banyuwangi Indonesia Lobby Aston Hotel & Conference Banyuwangi Indonesia

Several months ago, my colleagues an I had a chance to visit Banyuwangi. We decided to stay at Aston Hotel & Conference Banyuwangi. This hotel is in the city center, close to restaurant and in the middle of everywhere. Even close to Mount Ijen which we wanted to do trekking to its crater. In other words, I can say its location is superb.

the room at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java

Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia

My group and I had a comfort stay at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia. As a 4 star hotel, they manage everything well. Firstly, the check in process for group was very quick. The receptionist was very well to do the check in.

Secondly, our rooms were nice, clean and completed with toiletries. My friend and I fell asleep as soon as we got in the room as we came at almost midnight. Even though the room was not spacious, the bed was very comfort and made us like did not want to get up.

I found that the bathroom at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi was nice. The hot and cold shower will help you to freshen up after a long trip to Banyuwangi or your city tour. A hairdryer which is attached on the wall, will help you to dry your hair.

Restaurant at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java The breakfast at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia

You and all guests could enjoy the buffet breakfast at the restaurant located next to the lobby of Aston Banyuwangi. The menu was Oriental, Western and Indonesian food. Most of food tasted good yet the quality of serving was good as well.

Aston Hotel Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia

The restaurant has outdoor area where guests can enjoy their food in open air. Next to this area, you can find an an outdoor swimming pool. This was not a Olympic size but still you and your kids will happy to spend sometimes to have a little exercise.

On Saturday nights, Aston Hotel Banyuwangi offers some special event such as barbecue night and other event. When I stayed at this hotel, I saw many people came to enjoy the yummy barbecue. They serve you with fresh grilled seafood and many more food. Oh ya, their ballroom is big enough to accommodate your event such as wedding, exhibition, meeting and many more event.

Groups come to Banyuwangi to explore some interesting tourism spots and stay at Aston Hotel Banyuwangi. I think this is a good choice since this 4 star hotel is close enough to Mount Ijen, Bangsring Beach and city center. Recommended!


Jalan Brawijaya, Mojopanggung, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

Tel : +62-333-338 3888 / +62-811 3330 3888

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