Bintang Kuta Hotel or Bintang Bali Resort at Kuta Bali

Bintang Kuta Hotel or Bintang Bali Resort at Kuta Bali – When you plan to visit Bali, there is one famous area which you might be interested to visit. This area called Kuta, a very touristy area in Bali island. Formerly, it was a fishing village then became the first town in Bali for tourism development area. Therefore, you will find resorts, hotels, restaurants in this area. If you love the night life, come to Kuta and enjoy the drinks at the bars a long the road even in the small alleyway.

Actually, Kuta is also famous because of its beach. Kuta beach with its white sand where tourists spend their time for beautiful sunset. Surfers love Kuta beach too as the waves is good for surfing. Unfortunately, lately this area became too crowded with visitors and traffic. But still, this are is one of the most favorite area for those local and foreigners especially young generations.

If you are interested to spend several days in Kuta area, there are a lot of accommodations you can choose. From small guest house, bed & breakfast accommodation, star hotels and resorts will be easily to find along Kuta road. Some even have their private beach to spoil their guests to enjoy their holiday by swimming or just relaxing on the beach.

View at Bintang Kuta Hotel at Kuta Bali Park at Bintang Bali Resort at Kuta Bali

I found a group of hotel in Kuta area which was really nice. A friend of mine who runs a tourism business informed me that there are couple recommended hotels in Kuta area which offered good rate. The hotel group named Bintang Kuta Hotel. It is under a local hotel management who manage 2 (two) properties in Kuta which are Bintang Kuta Hotel and  Bintang Bali Resort.

Restaurant of  Bintang Bali Resort at Kuta Bali Score at of Bintang Kuta Hotel  Kuta Bali

Both hotels are located in one area, side by side. Bintang Kuta Hotel is 4 star hotel with a small swimming pool while its sister,  Bintang Bali Resort Bali is a 5 start hotel with private beach and big swimming pool. These hotels are very close to some shopping center, entertainment district, the Kuta Beach and the Bomb Bali Monument. A very ideal location either for leisure or business.

room at Bintang Kuta Hotel at Kuta Bali Indonesia Bathroom at Bintang Kuta Hotel Kuta Bali

So, stay at Bintang Kuta Hotel or Bintang Bali Resort at Kuta Bali? Considering the budget, I chose to stay at Bintang Kuta Hotel. The room was spacious, clean and comfortable. Each rooms equipped with proper toiletries, swimming towels, flip-flop, coffee maker, flat TV with some international channels. Besides, the bed was very comfortable for resting after a full day trip.

Checked in process was very quick and smooth. The hotel staffs were very nice and helpful. Small swimming pool were located in front of the restaurant on the ground floor. Guest who wanted to swim on the bigger size of pool, has access to swim at Ramada Bintang Kuta. It was only the next building with a connecting door.

Like I said before, Bintang Bali Resort has its private beach. In the morning, I saw people has morning walk and jogging on the beach. It was really fun. Bintang Bali Resort is a 5 star hotel. Indeed, It has better facilities for the guests. I saw the lobby was bigger and nicer while moreover, the restaurant also offered better menus than what I had at Bintang Bali Hotel Kuta.

Activities at Bintang Bali Resort Kuta Bali Indonesia Facilities at Bintang Bali Resort Kuta Bali Indonesia

In addition to above mentioned facilities, this Resort also offered some activities which guests could join. During the stay, guests could rent bike to explore Kuta, join some yoga or aqua aerobic classes, and many more. Certainly, you need to pay extra money for some of these activities.

So, which hotel do you want to stay? Make your decision and enjoy your holiday in Bali Island, Indonesia.


Jalan Kartika Plaza, South Kuta Beach, Kuta, Bali Indonesia

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