Is It Worth to Visit Jatim Park 3 Indonesia?

Is It Worth to Visit Jatim Park 3 Indonesia – I know that most foreigner tourists who visit Indonesia wanted to see the beauty of Indonesian nature. Whoever comes to Indonesia, they have prepared themselves to witness the beautiful beaches, waterfall, underwater life, mountains and many more.

Bali, Lombok and Bunaken are the most favorite destination. Lately Komodo Island where you can meet the komodo dragon is the new favorite spot for both local and foreigners. Fortunately, Indonesia is not only about these island beaches. Universe grants Indonesia with some beautiful volcanoes such as Mount Ijen, Merapi, Rinjani, Semeru and Bromo.

Unfortunately, not all these place of adventure is appropriate for kids. Some kids are more interested to spend more time at theme or amusement parks. It might be fair for all family member to get both, nature and theme park. So, if you are in East Java, Indonesia; beside witness the beautiful sunrise at Mount Bromo, I suggest you to spend one day at Jatim Park 3 with your kids.

the hall of Dino Park at Jatim Park 3 Indonesia Galeri Musik Indonesia oft Jatim Park 3 Indonesia

What is Jatim Park 3?  Jatim Park stands for Jawa Tiimur Park. Jawa Timur means East Java. This is a group who manages some theme parks which are Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Jatim Park 3, Batu Night Spectacular and Museum Angkut. Jatim Park 3 is the latest park launched by this group of business.

Some people asked is it worth to visit Jatim Park 3 Indonesia?  Let’s find out what we can see and enjoy in this theme park. Once you entered the main lobby of Jatim Park 3, you will in the Plaza Dino.

In this floor, you could visit the famous Dino Park, The Legend Star Museum and the food court. Then go up to the 1st floor, you will see Fun Tech Plaza, Galeri Musik Dunia and other outlets.

ticket counter at Dino Park Jatim Park 3 Batu entrance of Dino Park Jatim Park 3 BatuAmong all spots, the most favorite areas are Dino Park and The Legend Star. The third spots is the Infinite World which was just launched on end of 2019. First, we will talk about Dino Park. I think this is the first Dino theme park in Indonesia. It might be inspired by Jurassic Park. There are 7 (seven) sections in Dino Park which you and your kids could enjoy. I believe your kids will enjoy to explore all section in this theme park.

While on The Legend Star, the visitors could see the replicas of some famous places in the world. You could also rent the Japanese or Korean costume then taking pictures while wearing it. Act like you were in Japan or Korea or Amsterdam. Certainly, you should pay for certain amount for this costume rental.

Senyum World Hotel Jatim Park 3 Batu Indonesia

Since you will need more than 1 day to explore all sections in this park, the management of Jatim Park group built a hotel too. The hotel is located next to the park. It is called Senyum World Hotel. So, it will be easier for you and family to manage time while exploring this theme park.

How much you should pay for this fun? The entrance ticket of Dino Park or The Legend Star is IDR 100,000/person. To get the cheaper one, you should buy a pass which will cost you IDR IDR 200,000/person to enter Dino Park, the Legend Star and Museum Musik Dunia or FunTech Plaza. While IDR 225,000 to enter Dino Park, the Legend Star and Millennial Glow Garden. Kids with height above 85 cm should pay for the ticket.

Jatim Park 3 complex is open daily at noon to 21.00. Maybe you do not drive by yourself. Do not worry, online taxi is easy to get in Batu. Therefore, you should download Grab application to get the access of online taxi. You and your family could have lunch and dinner in the Dino Mall or some other restaurant around this complex.



Jalan Raya Ir. Sukarno 144, Batu, East Java, Indonesia

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