Why Staying at Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia is Recommended

Why Staying at Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia is Recommended – Solo or Surakarta is part of Central Java Province in Indonesia. It lies about 60 kilometers east of Yogyakarta. Based on the its history, Solo is also known as twin sister of Yogyakarta before the Mataram Kingdom was split into Solo or Surakarta and Yogyakarta.

Even though Solo is not as busy as Yogyakarta in term of tourism but you still could find some tourism spots to visit in Solo. Keraton Solo or Solo Palace is one of the main tourist attraction you should visit. In some ways, it looks alike with Yogyakarta Palace but the antique collection in Solo is less.

The main avenue in Solo called Jalan (road) Slamet Riyadi.  You could find nice paved pedestrian a long the sides. Jalan Slamet Riyadi is also one of the main business area where you can find hotels, restaurants, museum, and many more.

Lobby of Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia Decoration at Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia

Luckily, I had opportunity to stay at one of star hotel which lie on Jalan Slamet Riyadi. A 4 (four) star hotel called Novotel Solo. Since this hotel is under Accor Management, you do not need to doubt on its quality.

Lobby of Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia View from room at Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia

Novotel Solo is located in the heart of Solo. You can easily go to many places from this hotel on foot, taking becak, the rickshaw or taxi. You do not need to worry about transportation. Online taxi service such as Grab or GoCar area available in Solo. On the other hand, Solo Government provides bus service with cheap ticket to ride.

As located at Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Novotel Solo is only walking distance to Puri Mangkunegaran (the other palace), Pasar Triwindu which sell antique things, Pasar Gede (the biggest traditional market in Solo) and Museum Danar Hadi for Batik lovers.

Kauman Batik district is also close enough. You can take the becak (rickshaw) for about 20 minutes then walk around the kampung. There are  several  batik stores offer their collections to theier customers.

Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia is Recommended Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia is RecommendedNow back to the Novotel Solo. After checked in, you could enter your room. I personally like the room. It has nice ambiance, spacious and clean. Besides, you could rest in a very comfortable bed with nice and clean linen. The room interior was modern traditional which used solid wood and some traditional ornaments.

The bathroom on Superior room is set using shower. Unfortunately no bath-up is available in this room type. Proper and adequate toiletries set in the bathroom for all guests to freshen up. 

Andrawina Restaurant of Novotel Solo
Gamelan Performance at the lobby of Novotel Solo Hotel

Beside the location and room, another reason why Staying at Novotel Solo Hotel Indonesia is recommended was the food. The restaurant called Andrawina, serves all guests like 24/7 everyday. They offer Indonesian, oriental and western food. Moreover, their breakfast menu was also vary and taste good. 

In addition to the traditional atmosphere, before enter the restaurant, you could see a group of people plays gamelan. Gamelan is Javenese traditional instruments. Sometimes one or two members of the group sing a traditional songs which is called as nembang.

The swimming pool at Novotel Solo
outdoor dining area of Andrawina Restaurant

All Novotel Solo’s guests could use hotel facilities such as swimming pool and gym. Free internet is accessible in all areas of the hotel. Saraswati bar opens daily for those who wants to spend the night with a glass of drink and listening to music.  It would be a pleasant evening to spend with.

In conclusion, I recommend you to stay at Novotel Solo when you spend some days in Solo.  I, personally, would love to return to Novotel Solo again someday in the future. A nice and pleasant room to stay while in Solo after a long day outside.


Jalan Slamet Riyadi 272 Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Website : Novotel Solo


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