Open Air Mall and Dining Area at Samasta Jimbaran Bali

Open Air Mall and Dining Area at Samasta Jimbaran Bali – While I stayed at Jimbaran Bali months ago, I had sometimes to explore this area. Jimbaran is located in the south of Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is a fishing village, no wonder there are a lot of seafood restaurants in this area.

In around 1980s, the tourism business were started in Jimbaran. Some hotels and restaurant were built as well as the tourism spots. But still, the nice beaches and seafood are the magnetism of Jimbaran. It is not visiting Jimbaran, if you did not enjoy its seafood.

I stayed at Le Meridien Jimbaran where the Muaya Beach seafood area was only walking distance. Dinner at one of the seafood cafe along the beach was awesome. How it was not a great time to have dinner at the coastline while the sun was setting down. 

 Samasta Jimbaran Bali  Samasta Jimbaran Bali

On the other day I walked to the the only shopping mall in the area. A nice open air mall and dining area called Samasta.  It is only walking distance from Le Meridien Jimbaran Hotel. Moreover, the hotel provides all guests with a free shuttle to Samasta.  Actually, it was only like 10 minutes walk from Le Meridien Jimbaran Hotel, therefore I chose to go on foot to Samasta.

list of tenants of Samasta Jimbaran Bali list of restaurant at Samasta Jimbaran Bali

What we could have in Samasta Jimbaran.  First, let’s take a look what in it! Samasta Lifestyle Village is its official name. It is a one stop destination for dining, shopping, lifestyle and entertainment. Sumarecon Group, the developer, offers a new concept of dining and shopping. It is a smart idea, never saw this concept at other places in Bali. Most of tenant stalls have open space which gives good air circulation in the room.

Especially in a hot air of Bali, this concept is really interesting. Cool breeze in a hot day, what a nice thing to have, isn’t it. Open air mall and dining area at Samasta Jimbaran Bali offers you a lot of Instagramable spots to have nice pictures. I believe you will spend sometimes to take picture of this cozy yet beautiful place while you are there.

Open Air Mall and Dining Area at Samasta Bali Open Air Mall and Dining Area at Samasta Bali

There are several cafes and restaurant which will  serve you with their best meals. Western, Indonesian and Oriental foods are available here. Some served pork, beer and cocktails. You could have dinner and a glass of wine in some tenants of Samasta Jimbaran Bali. Certainly, for those who wanted to have halal food, you should ask for their menus before place order.

Open Air Mall and Dining Area at Samasta Bali Open Air Mall and Dining Area at Samasta jimbaran

You could stay at Samasta Lifestyle VIllage since a nice resort is built in this complex. This is a 5 star resort called Movenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali. I am not sure about the room rate but from the pictures I learned that this must be wonderful to stay at this resort.

Krisna Outlet at Samasta Jimbaran Bali Krisna outlet at Samasta Jimbaran Bali

You also can find some shopping outlets in Samasta Jimbaran. I believe you know Krisna, the famous souvenir shop in Bali. It has it branch in Samasta. The outlet has different concept and design compare to other Krisna outlets all over Bali.

Open Air Mall and Dining Area at Samasta Jimbaran

You could get some local snacks or clothes in Krisna. This outlet has some premium items which only available at Samasta, not other outlets. Periplus also has an outlet at Samasta. Therefore, you can buy a book you wanted to read while enjoying the beach at Periplus.

If you needed to buy fruits or water or other groceries, you could stop by at Sereh Gourmet Market. In other words, it is really a one stop place to enjoy a little part of Jimbaran. Certainly, it is  a dining, entertainment and shopping in one nice place!

How to get to Samasta Jimbaran if you do not stay at this area? Certainly, Samasta is easy to reach. You could get there with taxi from airport or take Kura-kura which is a public transportation provided by Bali Government. Kura-kura shuttle bus connects some popular tourism spot in Bali such as Legian, jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ubud and many more. Find the bus stop in front of the Samasta Lifestyle Village. Remember you should pay for this service.

SAMASTA LIFESTYLE VILLAGE, Jalan Wanagiri, Jimbaran, Bali

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