Fresh and Delicious Seafood at Layar Restaurant Surabaya

Fresh and Delicious Seafood at Layar Restaurant Surabaya – On my previous article, I wrote about Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya. It is a 5 star hotel located at Jalan Mayjen Sungkono Surabaya where you could find some other star hotels and restaurants in this area.

One of the recommended restaurants which is closed to Jalan Mayjen Sungkono area is Layar Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant only serves fresh seafood and vegetables. I believe most people in Surabaya who loves seafood will recommend Layar as the best seafood restaurant in Surabaya.

Located at Bukit Mas Area, Jalan Abdul Wahab Siamin 88 Surabaya, you only need about 10 mins drive to reach this restaurant from Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya. The access to this restaurant is easy, unfortunately this restaurant does not have adequate parking area. So, mostly the driver will drop off the passengers then the parking operator will guide the driver to the available parking slot outside the dropping area.

Fresh seafood ready to be chosen at Layar Surabaya Fresh Raw Seafood at Layar Restaurant SurabayaOnce you entered the restaurant, you will see a lot of fresh fishes and other fresh seafood. The management of Layar Seafood Restaurant manages these fresh seafood into some cold storage boxes and small aquariums.

Moreover, they separated all seafood based on types and sizes. You could find several types shrimps, crabs, fishes and clams. While for those who does not eat seafood, you could have chicken, tofu and vegetables. All are fresh and only cooked upon your order.

Layar Seafood Restaurant Surabaya Indonesia Layar Seafood Restaurant Surabaya Indonesia

After choose the raw seafood, you could pick the table and choose the menu. Here I mean the cuisine you want to have with seafood you choose before. The menu booklet described clearly all choices but you could ask for the restaurant recommendation to the waiter.

Surely you could order anything you love. However for the one who come for the first time, they might have no clue so chef recommendation would help. Do not worry since the cooking team of Layar Seafood Restaurant Surabaya will give you their best cook even it is not the chef recommendation. Most testimonies said that all food at this restaurant is very good. Please note that all hot and spicy dishes are marked with chili icon on the menu.

Fresh and Delicious Steamed Fish at Layar Restaurant Surabaya Delicious Gilled Squid at Layar Seafood Restaurant Surabaya

My friends and I ordered steamed fish and grilled squid. In addition, we also ordered vegetables and rice. Rice is the staple food of Indonesian so most people eat any dished with rice. During the lunch time, this restaurant was busy with a lot of customers so we had to wait to get our order. 

Fresh and delicious seafood at Layar Restaurant Surabaya is a must have dishes you have to enjoy while you are in Surabaya.The prices on the menu are excluded all taxes which are service tax and value added tax. Considering the taste and quality of seafood also service, the prices tagged at Layar Seafood Restaurant Surabaya are reasonable. Even it is not really cheap anyway. Sharing menus for 3 person, we had to pay for about IDR 450,000. Still, we did not regret for the price we had to pay since the food were tasty.

The chili paste serving area - free condiment at Layar Seafood Surabaya The chili paste - free condiment at Layar Seafood Surabaya

If you loved spicy and hot food, you could have several chili pastes for free. I think Layar Seafood Restaurant is kind of generous with this condiments. For those who does not eat chili paste, you could have fried garlic which serve as a free condiment as well.

I recommended you to have lunch or dinner at Layar Seafood Restaurant Surabaya. This restaurant is a proper place to entertain your business partners as well. If you needed a private room, Layar has several private rooms to use. Unfortunately, there is minimum charge for using these private room. All rooms even the hall are clean and well maintained.

However, if you planned to come with a group of people, I suggest you to make advance reservation to make sure you get the table for your group. Layar Seafood Restaurant in Surabaya Indonesia is the recommended seafood restaurant in Surabaya which you should not miss to visit. 


Jalan Abdul Wahab Siamin 88, Surabaya, Indonesia

Tel : +62-31-568 3716 / 568 7389

Open daily at 11:00 – 22:00

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