Short Tour at Magnificent Pura Mangkunegaran Palace Solo

Short Tour at Magnificent Pura Mangkunegaran Palace Solo – I am still talking about Solo, a nice city in Central Java. On my previous article, I wrote about Triwindu Antique Market in Solo. I found it on my way to Pura Mangkunegaran Palace, one of the palaces in Solo. So, after finished my leisurely strolling at Triwindu Antique Market, I continued my walk to Pura Mangkunegaran.

It was only about 10 (ten) minutes walk from Triwindu Antique Market to this palace. Along the road, you will see some interesting local restaurants. You could stop by for having some food and drinks for lunch.

Entrance of Pura Mangkunegaran Palace Solo Old building at the parking area of Pura Mangkunegaran Palace Solo

In a short time, I arrived at Pura Mangkunegaran. This building has a huge parking lot. However, I only saw few cars parked there. How quiet this place is. At the parking area, I also saw a big building in colonial style. If i am not mistaken, this building is now used as storage.

Ticket for Short Tour at Magnificent Pura Mangkunegaran Palace Solo Magnificent Pura Mangkunegaran Palace Solo

To be able to enter the premise, we have to buy ticket. You should pay IDR 20,000/ person. Besides, you have to fill in the registration book with your name and hometown or country of origin. Then a guide will accompany you to lead your short tour at the palace.

All guests have to take their shoes off once you enter the palace’s terrace. The guide will give you a plastic bag for keeping your shoes. Besides putting the shoes off, there are several points all visitors have to obey. Such as dress properly, do not bring tripod or selfie stick and keep calm since the royal family lives at the palace complex.

Royal Gazebo of Pura Mangkunegaran Solo Royal Family Housing Area at Pura Mangkunegaran Solo

The guide will explain to the visitors the do and don’t while you are in the palace complex. Based on the guide explanation, I found some interesting things. How Solo has 2 (two) palaces, the history of the palace development, the function of each buildings and many more.

During my short tour at magnificent Pura Mangkunegaran Palace Solo,  I saw people put their phone on the floor, I question the guide what was it. Then the guide told me a secret how to take a nice picture of the ornament on the ceiling.

You should put your gadget on the marked point then you will get the picture of whole ornament. Beautiful! If you found difficulties on taking the picture of yourself with the ornament as the background, surely the guide will be happy to help.

All buildings, rooms and ornaments at Pura Mangkunegaran were made with a high Javanese philosophy. Everything has meaning and certain purpose. even the dimension has meaning. I am amazed on how deep Javanese ancestors  thought about everything to make themselves adjusted with mother nature.

Unfortunately, all visitor cannot take any single pictures inside its museum. It is really forbidden to use the camera even from your gadget. The guide explained to me that some visitors who compelled to take pictures, most will not work. Either they got blank or false pictures, or their gadget are broken. So, I suggest you to follow the rules.

In the museum, the visitors could see the palace’s collection. The gifts from other countries, the throne, Javanese ceremonial knife, royal costume collections and many more. All are beautiful, unfortunately some looks very old and need a little maintenance.

At other corner, I noticed that some foreigners were learning to play gamelan. Gamelan is Javanese music instruments. To be able to play it, you need to understand it details as the notes they use are different with modern music instruments.

Most students were Europeans and Japaneses who spend several months to learn playing gamelan. The classes conducted by senior gamelan players who dedicated their life to serve the palace. To get further information on the classes, you have to contact the Palace’s receptionist.

So, if you had 2-3 free hours when you are in Solo; I suggest you to visit Pura Mangkunegaran and join its tour. It is interesting!

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