Strolling at Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang Malaysia

Strolling at Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang Malaysia –  I cannot remember, how many times did I visit George Town Penang. If I am not mistaken, I have been there for 3-4 times. On my last trip, I went to this heritage town with friends who never been to George Town before. So, we decided to visit the most famous heritage icon in George Town.

As a UNECO heritage town, there is a long list of heritage places that are recommended to visit while you are in George Town. If you are an architecture lover like me, I bet you would love to go every corner of this city. Almost all the heritage places are well maintained so I found them all beautiful.

After visited Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill also enjoyed the Laksa at Air Itam Market on the first day, we decided to stroll around the George Town on the second day.  With tourist map in our hands, we started our adventure to visit the historical icon in George Town. Luckily, there was a free CAT bus to go around George Town. Yes, all passengers do not need to pay any pennies to get on the free CAT buses.

gate of Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang ticket box of Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang Malaysia

We took the bus from the Chowrasta Market Bus Stop then stopped near Lebuh Light or Light Street. From this point you could see some city icon and historical places such as Padang Kota Lama complex where the main administrative and judicial buildings were built within the vicinity of the road. You would see the City Hall, The State Assembly Building, The Supreme Court Building, Queen Victoria Memorial Tower and Fort Cornwallis.

ticket price of Fort Cornwallis Penang Malaysia wristband ticket of Fort Cornwallis

Now I wanted to tell you a little about Fort Cornwallis. People said that this is the largest standing fort in Malaysia. Fort Cornwallis was the bastion which was built close to the Penang north-eastern coast. If you wanted to go to this Fort from Padang Kota Lama Complex, I think it was only 10 minutes walk.

To enter Fort Cornwallis, first all visitors have to pay the entrance ticket. It will cost you RM 20 but if you hold Malaysian ID, the cost is only RM 10. After that, you will get a wristband that you have to use while you were in the property.

Let us go inside and strolling at Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang Malaysia. Is this place worth to visit? We need to find out, don’t we?

Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang Malaysia Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang

Fort Cornwallis nowadays is a ten foot high outer walls remain with an enclosed park within. I saw stairways which could be used for seating like what we saw in a stadium. I heard that sometimes there is an art performance in this area. Unfortunately, there was no event when I was there.

Gunpowder magazine room at Fort Cornwallis gun magazine at Fort Cornwallis George Town

Then I continued to go around the fort. I saw the a white building which was used for a gunpowder magazine room. For a certain reason, I decided not to enter it. However, visitor could enter to this room if you wanted.

Historic Cannon at Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang historic cannon at Fort Cornwallis George Town Penang Malaysia

Next icon to see was the historic canon, Meriam Seri Rambai. You needed to climb up the stairs to get closer to this canon which was cast in 1603. According to the history of Malaysian people, that in 1880; this cannon surfaced from the sea by its own after the attack of the pirates. Some local folklore even believed that infertile women would be able to conceive a child after put flowers in the cannon barrel as a form of a special prayer.

scenery of Melacca Strait from Fort Cornwallis scenery of Melacca Strait from Fort Cornwallis

Since this fort is facing Malacca strait, you will see the nice scenery from this cannon area. We also could see the shipping activities in a busy sea traffic. I saw some people were just sitting in the seafront promenade to enjoy the view.

The map of Fort Cornwallis complex George Town

At the other corner you would see a chapel. This was built in 1799 and used for some weddings by then. Based on their record, the first wedding in this chapel was held on the same year to the couple of John Timmers and Martina Rozells.

Now, some weddings or corporate events took place at Fort Cornwallis complex since they manage a cafe to provide food for visitors or event. The Kota Cornwallis Dine and Coffee is fit up to 100 person. Their daily operating hour is 09:00 – 22:00.

At the northeast corner, you will find a 21 meters skeletal steel lighthouse. I spent like 1 hour to get around this complex. Was it worth? If you love to learn history, I think this place is interesting to visit. Otherwise, you might find it just dull. So, the decision is yours to make.


Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

The Fort : Open daily at 09:00 – 18:30

Kota Cafe : Open daily at 09:00 – 22:00

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