Enjoyable Snorkeling at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia

Enjoyable Snorkeling at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia – As an archipelago,  Indonesia has a lot of beautiful beaches. I think every islands has some famous and recommended beaches to visit. Like one in Bali, you could visit Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran or Cangu. While in Java Island, there are Pangandaran, Anyer, Karimun Jawa, Papuma, Balekambang and many more.

When I visited Banyuwangi several months ago, I had a chance to spend sometimes at Bangsring Beach. It is one of the beautiful and recommended beach to visit while you are in Banyuwangi.

Banyuwangi located at the easternmost of East Java Province. It is very close to Bali. You just need to get on a ferry from the Banyuwangi port called Ketapang. You will then reach Gilimanuk Port in Bali in 1 hour only. Anyway, you should remember that time in Bali is 1 hour ahead Java. So it will be like 2 hours due to this time differences.


So, back from Ijen Crater, my group decided to stop by at Bangsring Beach. Actually this beach’s location is a bit in the suburb while the hotel we stayed was in the city center. However, we still wanted to visit Bangsring beach since we heard that this beach is good for snorkeling.

On our way to Bangsring Beach, we crossed rural roads. We saw a lot of rice field along the way. I personally love to see this kind of nature. Rice, sugarcane or corn field where farmers work on them. Most Indonesian eats rice like 3 times a day so rice is an important crop to plant for Indonesian.

It took more than 1 hour to reach Bangsring Beach. The road was nice with good pavement. While the parking area was huge too. I think more than 50 cars were parked on the area on that day.

I cannot remember how much the entrance and parking ticket were. However, I am sure that it was cheap.  This ticket was only to enter the premises and enjoy the nice white sands on the Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi.

Enjoyable Snorkeling at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia Locker at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia

If you wanted to experience an enjoyable snorkeling at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia; you need to pay for the boat to across the sea to the floating house and for the snorkeling tools.

If you wanted to have a locker to keep your stuff, you need to pay for extra money. However, we need to save our stuff while we do snorkeling, don’t we? The cost was cheap, like around USD 1-2 if I am not mistaken. While the cost of boat and life jacket was around USD 3-4 (May 2020).

Besides snorkeling, you also could enjoy diving or jet skying.  If you love canoeing, you could rent and enjoy pedal it. Unfortunately, I did not ask for the prices for all these activities. Anyway, you can use your ATM or credit card to pay the rental cost. However, the entrance and parking ticket have to be paid by cash.

Bangsring Conservation Area Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia activities to do at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia

Bangsring Beach is a conservation area for underwater life. They named it as Bangsring Underwater. For that reason, all visitors have to pay attention to all rules and directions. All visitors should participate in preserving the coral, fish and all creatures under the water.

Enjoyable Snorkeling at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia Floating House at Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia

Before pay for the boat, I suggest you to decide the activities you wanted to do in this area. If you only wanted to do snorkeling at the Floating House area like what I did, the cost was like I mentioned above.

However, there are other things to do besides having fun at Bangsring Floating House area.  Those activities are diving at Menjangan Island, visit the mangrove conservation area or going around the uninhabited island, Tabuhan. To reach each spots, you need to rent the boat in different rate.

If you came with a group of people, I suggest you to take a package of short tour. Usually the package is for 10 person at the maximum. Like go to Menjangan Island, the boat owner will charge you around IDR 2,100,000 – 2,300,000. With this amount of money, you will get two ways boat trip, life jacket, local simple lunch and snorkeling tools for 10 person. Unfortunately, we usually have to bargain. So, bargain wisely.


From Bangsring Beach, you could see Bali Island from afar. Actually these 2 cities are only separated by Bali Strait. For your information, Menjangan Island is part of West Bali National Park.

It took about 30 mins by boat from Bangsring Beach to Menjangan Island. Actually you could stay overnight at Menjangan Island since there are several nice resorts or guest houses in Menjangan Island. The boat could drop you off at the Menjangan Island and pick you up on the next day at the drop off point.

After had fun snorkeling, you could have shower to clean up. The local residents around the beach built some shower rooms and toilet which could be used by all visitors. However, you should pay for this service. Do not worry, the charge is very low – even under USD 1.

Since Bangsring Beach, Floating House and Bangsring Underwater are nice place to visit; I suggest you not to miss these places when you are in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. It is very recommended for the nature lovers.

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