Must Watch Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta

Must Watch Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta – Do you ever heard the legend story about Rama and Shinta? One of famous Sanskrit stories from ancient India besides Mahabharata is Ramayana. It was a love story between a couple Rama and Shinta. Shinta could prove her purity and faithfulness to Rama after being kidnapped by Ravana.

I believe this legend story has been adapted into many languages and forms. One of them is in Bahasa Indonesia. There are several performances in Ramayana story such as shadow puppets, puppet people, dances, drama and one famous performance is Ramayana Ballet.

the dancers of Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Prambanan Temple as the background of the Ramayana Ballet Show

You will only be able to see the Ramayana Ballet performance in Yogyakarta. Taken place at Prambanan Temple, this performance will be one of a must have activities when you are in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Prambanan Temple is a the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia which was built in 9th century. If you stayed at Yogyakarta city center, you will reach there in about 1 (one) hour due to Yogyakarta’s traffic. Actually the awesome temple is only about 17 kilometres northeast of Yogyakarta city center.

As one of the favorite tourism attractions in Yogyakarta, this temple is never been empty of visitors. They come from around the world. People admire this UNESCO World Heritage Site since it has awesome and unique architecture and relief decoration.

Entrance to Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta the entrance to Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple

During the day, all visitors could surround and see the beautiful temple and its 47 meters tower in the central building. While in the evening, the visitors could enjoy the Ramayana Ballet show in the open theater of this temple.

This show combines dance and drama without dialogue. All actors and actress wear beautiful Javanese dancing costumes since this story also adapted in Javanese culture. Ramayana Ballet show in Prambanan Temple was started in 1961 and still regularly perform until today.

Locket to buy the Ramayana Ballet Prambanan Temple ticket of  Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta

To be able to enjoy the must watch Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta, you have to buy the entrance ticket. There are 2 (two) types of ticket which are with buffet dinner and only for the performance.

Dishes of Buffet at Ramayana Ballet Open Air Yogyakarta The dinner at Ramayana Ballet Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta

If you wanted to have dinner before the performance, you should pay for IDR 160,000/pax. You should come at least an hour earlier before the show starts. They serve you with Indonesian food such as satay, sauted vegetables, chicken, soup and many more. While having your dinner, you could see the 3 towers of Prambanan Temple from afar.

You could only buy tickets for the performance. There are some classes of tickets. Each classes is set for certain number of seats. The management set 64 seats for VIP ticket, 130 seats for Special Class, 276 seats for Class I and 668 seats for Class II.

Each classes has different ticket price. The most expensive surely is VIP Class which cost you IDR 450,000.  Special Class will cost you IDR 300,000. If you wanted to buy Class I, you should pay for IDR 200,000 while Class II is IDR 150,000. All these prices were in early 2020 before the Covid19 pandemic. 

The audience seats at Ramayana Ballet Open Air Yogyakarta Must Watch Ramayana Ballet Show in Prambanan Temple

Since the show starts at 1930; all audiences have to be at the premises before the show begins. The duration of the show is 2 hours with 15 minutes break. You could bring drink and snacks along during the performance.

More than 200 professional dancers and gamelan musicians get involved in Ramayana Ballet Show. The open stage with Prambanan Temple as backdrop made this show more spectacular.  Stage lighting and special effects has made the show more attractive.

There was a scene where they used real fire. At this scene Hanoman, the monkey burned Ravana’s kingdom. I think this was the epic scene where they involved real fire and wood on the shows.

Actually, there is another place for this show which is a theater building closer to city center. In rainy season, most shows will be done at Trimurti Theater. The ticket prices are the same with the open air. Unfortunately, you will not get the fire scene if you watched it in the theater.

I suggest you to check their performance schedule on the website. This will help you to get their monthly schedule both in the open air Prambanan Temple and Trimutri Theater. However, I still suggest you to see the open air one if it is possible. Do not worry about the transportation since the online taxi is easy to get in Yogyakarta.


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