Enjoy Authentic Indonesian Cuisine in Sasanti Restaurant Yogyakarta

Enjoy Authentic Indonesian Cuisine in Sasanti Restaurant Yogyakarta – Talking about culinary, I think there is no such rich country as Indonesia. From Sumatera to Papua, we could find like thousands of dishes and many of them are not even similar. Let us talk about soto, a kind of soup. Almost each province has at least one or even more soto but none of them are the same in taste, ingredients, condiments or servings.

One of the famous and skillful Indonesian chef, William Wongso who has big concern on Indonesian dishes was chosen to be consultant of a restaurant in Yogyakarta. You might ever hear his name since he ever host Gordon Ramsey to cook rendang sometimes ago. Based on Mr. William Wongso’s experiences, the owner built Sasanti Restaurant who serve the customers with Indonesian food.

Entranve of Cuisine in Sasanti Restaurant Yogyakarta Stage for live entertainment while enjoy Authentic Indonesian Cuisine in Sasanti Restaurant Yogyakarta

Sasanti is a Javanese word which means adoration. I believe when he was building this restaurant, he expected that his restaurant will deliver the best food and service to the customers. In fact, I saw that this expectation was achieved.

You could find this restaurant easily. Located at Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar No. 52A Yogyakarta. This restaurant is just next to Hyatt Regency Hotel Yogyakarta, a five star hotel in Yogyakarta. So, for those who planned to stay at Hyatt Regency Hotel Yogyakarta, you just need to walk to reach Sasanti Restaurant. It was like only 5 minutes walk I believe.

Sasanti Restaurant is a very reputable place to eat. Even several years ago, former US President, Barrack Obama had dine at this restaurant. Whenever you come to this restaurant, you can ask to the waiters the Obama Rice package. This package contains of 3 (three) types of rice served with chicken, wagyu rendang, prawn and some other condiments. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey especially for local.

To enjoy authentic Indonesian cuisine in Sasanti Restaurant Yogyakarta, you need to pay a bit more than at other restaurants in Yogyakarta. However, you will get the very good food which has been prepared high cooking standards. Besides, they make sure that all raw materials they use are high quality one.

I was lucky to have an opportunity to dine in Sasanti Restaurant Yogyakarta. This restaurant has a big capacity. If you needed a private room for your special event, Sasanti could provide you with a nice room.

However, the ambiance of this restaurant is very nice. Quite and nice atmosphere will give you a pleasant dining time. The garden and its lighting will give you a romantic sense especially at the dinner time.

You also could see some paintings on its wall. Many of paintings from local artist hang there. If you are interested on them, you also could buy them.

Now back to the menus of Sasanti Restaurant. Most menus offered are Indonesian dishes. You could have yellow rice which usually served on Indonesian’ special occasion. Some people said that yellow rice is like a fortune in a plate.

Sasanti Restaurant does not only serve you with Javanese dishes but Indonesian food from other islands as well. If you had no problem with something spicy, you could try ayam rica or ayam betutu. Both dishes used chicken as the main meat.

The meat and other materials used in Sasanti’s kitchen are organic, fresh and high quality one. So you do not need to worry about its quality. For those who preferred to have vegetarian food, you will find some good vegetarian menus as well. Sasanti also provides alcoholic drinks if you wanted to have it. Just order it to the waiters.

The taste of most dishes are authentic. Just like the one at their original. However, these food are prepared in professional way and according to high standard of hygiene. I ordered nasi campur which was served for Mr. Obama. It was tasty and I liked it.

So, at least once, you should try and enjoy authentic Indonesian cuisine in Sasanti Restaurant Yogyakarta. After visiting Borobudur Temple in the morning, you could stop by at this restaurant for lunch. It is also Tripadvisor’s recommendation so I believe it is worth to visit.


Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelahar 52A, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Open daily at : 11:00 – 23:00

Phone : +62-812 2787 9000 / +63-274-866345

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