Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel Near Gubeng Train Station Surabaya

Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel Near Gubeng Train Station Surabaya – Surabaya, the capital city of East Java Province is one of a metropolis in Indonesia. It is 2nd biggest cities in Indonesia which is busy with a lot of business activities. You would find big and nice shopping mall easily in Surabaya. Just name it such as Tunjungan Plaza which has 6 sections. You will not able to finish going around this mall in one day visit. Seriously, this is very big.

As a business city, Surabaya also offers you a lot of public facilities. You could find three or four big train stations in Surabaya which are Wonokromo, Gubeng, Turi and Kota. Two train stations which are Gubeng and Turi serve for rail transport to some big cities in Java Island. Moreover, some commuter lines and local train also serve from these stations.

If you went to Surabaya for a short getaway, you will find it easier to land Gubeng Train Station. Since this train station is at the city center; you will find more public transport service to commute Surabaya. Moreover, Gubeng Train Station is close to Tunjungan Road, the most famous area in Surabaya.

On this area, you could find Tunjungan Plaza 1-6 Shopping Complex, Surabaya Major’s Office, Kalimas River and some other heritage buildings.  While in walking distance from Gubeng Train Station, you could find Surabaya Submarine Monument and Plaza Surabaya Mall.

Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel Surabaya Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel Surabaya

I had short getaway to Surabaya on mid February 2020 – just before Covid19 pandemic hits Indonesia badly. Since I arrived at Gubeng Train Station, I looked for a simple accommodation nearby. After searched at several websites, I finally found a simple nice room with a reasonable price near Gubeng Train Station.

Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel SurabayaBudget Hotel Near Gubeng Train Station Surabaya A budget hotel named Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel near Gubeng Train Station Surabaya was my choice. Actually it is a 3 star hotel but luckily I got promo from so the expense for my accommodation was quite low. I believe some accommodation online booking websites have special promo sometimes. You might be lucky too.

It was very easy to find The Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel near Gubeng Train Station Surabaya. I took an exit from the old station, which is heading to Jalan Sumatera. Turned left towards Sahid Hotel Surabaya. In the intersection right before the Sahid Hotel, you should across the street since Collection O 11 Lifestyles is located on the other side of the road.

I took Superior type. It was not a spacious one but it met my needs. I just needed a room for sleeping since during the day I went around the city. The room and bed was comfortable and clean, and the bathroom was too.

Unfortunately the toiletries were not sufficient so the guest has to bring some by their own. Luckily I brought my own soap, shampoo and toothbrush. Guests do not need to bring clean towels since they are available in the bathroom.

The room designed in minimalist and smart. No cabinet in the room. Just a simple hangers. No slippers. Flat TV with some international and local channels will entertain you. If you cannot deal with the hot weather of Surabaya, the air conditioner in the room and most of hotel area worked well to cool you. Oh ya, the free WiFi is available in all area of th hotel.

The mineral water in bottles were available in the room but no coffee or tea in the room. For those who wanted coffee or tea, you could go to the coffee shop on the first floor of The Collection O 11 Lifestyles Hotel. 

I did not get breakfast since the room rate I got was very low. It was room only rate. For breakfast I went out to some places nearby. At least McDonalds was very close, like 5 minutes walk only. I had pie and coffee at McDonals in Plaza Surabaya.

Collection O 11 Lifestyles Budget Hotel Near Gubeng Train Station

If you wanted to exercise, you could use the gym and swimming pool. The pool at The Collection O 11 Lifestyle Hotel was an outdoor one, a rooftop poo;. From this point, you could look over some parts of Surabaya.

I, personally, recommend The Collection O 11 Lifestyle Hotel Surabaya especially when you landed Gubeng Train Station. It is close to many places in Surabaya. However, the online taxi in Surabaya is easy to find so distance will not be a problem.


( in Agoda, it’s name is The Life Hotel City Center Surabaya)

Jalan Sumatera 16 Surabaya, Indonesia

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