Exploring the Largest Library at Harbourfront Vivocity Mall Singapore

Exploring the Largest Library at Harbourfront Vivocity Mall Singapore – Even though Singapore land area is not as big as other countries in South East Asia, this country is one of powerful countries in the world. Singapore is a city and  island nation located in southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia.

I bet Singapore is one of the most popular cities in Asia. Declared as the safest city and country in South East Asia, Singapore becomes a center of world business in Asia. I believe almost all worldwide companies have representative offices in Singapore. This is the reason why many expatriates live in Singapore.

As a multi-cultural cities with a lot of ethnics and communities, Singapore is successfully maintaining the uniqueness of all. People lives in harmony. Besides, the life style, habit and tradition of Singaporean makes this country developed well in every ways. Business, education, travel, technology and many more.

Largest Library at Harbourfront Vivocity Mall Singapore Library@Harbourfront Vivocity Mall Singapore

When I went to Singapore a while ago, I planned  to visit Universal Studio Singapore in Sentosa Island. While at the VivoCity Mall, I read in a map that there was a library inside the mall. What an interesting thing to have!

So before got on the train to Sentosa Island, I stopped by at the library at VivoCity Mall, the largest shopping mall in Singapore. This Harbourfront district offers a lot of attractions from malls, theme parks and many more. One of them was a library called library@harbourfront. I am sure they named it since this library is located in front of the harbour, at Singapore’s southern coast.

However, to visit Library@harbourfrount, you should go to the level 3 of VivoCity Mall Singapore. Just next to the Food Republic, the food court. So, it was time for exploring the largest library at Harbourfront Vivocity Mall Singapore.

Once I got into this library, I was really surprised. This was a really awesome library. Spacious, nice and stunning. Their collection was awesome. It was like millions book, newspaper, magazine and many more.

the awesome sea view lounge at Harbourfront Vivocity Mall Singapore

This library has several nice corners and rooms. The superb part is the big lounge facing the sea. It seems that I did not want to leave this library once I stepped in to this area. I bet it would be great if the access to the deck was opened so I could read the book at the open air area. Unfortunately, on that day the access to the gorgeous side was closed.

neat and nice racks of book at Library@Harbourfront Singapore sea view lounge at the Library at Harbourfront Vivocity Mall Singapore

If you love to read and could spend hours in reading, I bet you will find this library as a heaven. I saw some seniors sat in front of computers to search the news or info they looked for. On the other side, I saw a mother was copying the recipes on her notebook. Some teenagers were looking for some materials for their school assignment. I also saw some college students discussed in a dedicated room.

The management separated the area for children and adults. I believe this arrangement will help all visitors to keep concentrate. Children area has a Stories Come Alive Room where kids could get an interactive learning experiences. In other corner, kids could also make paper craft. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now I know why Singapore’s development riches the highest. The high eagerness of its citizen to enrich themselves through reading. It happens to all generation of Singaporean. Even though some people spent sometimes to cool themselves in the hot Singapore, still most of visitors were reading or dealing with books and information.

This library is opened for public. You could visit this awesome library on Monday to Sunday at 11:00 – 21:00. However, at some festive time they will close earlier. The seating capacity of this library is 460 seats so you could imagine how busy this library is.

Some young generation work voluntarily at this library. The Singapore National Library Board posted the vacancies at their website. The positions are opened for young and senior generation. The jobs offered also varies. One of the important was transcribing and translating oral histories both in documents and images. It showed how serious Singapore put respects to its history as well as respect to their ancestor.


1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-05 Lobby F – VivoCity Mall, Singapore

Websire : Library@harbourfront Singapore

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