Review on Front One Inn 3 stars Hotel Kediri East Java

Review on Front One Inn 3 stars Hotel Kediri East Java – I have visited Kediri in East Java regularly for the last several years. Actually it was work related so sometimes I should stay overnight in this small yet nice town. Unfortunately no good hotels and recommended for the accommodation nearby the work station. So I have to stay in the city center for sure where the hotel options are vary.

Last month when I was back to Kediri, I decided to stay at a hotel closer to my work. Not really in the city center but still not to far from it. Other reason was my colleague who would pick me up in the next day, stays nearby this hotel. So it will be easier for her to drive to this hotel than Grand Surya or Merdeka Hotel, the one I used to stay.

Review on Front One Inn 3 stars Hotel Kediri East Java Building of Front One Inn 3 stars Hotel Kediri East Java

The hotel’s name was Front One Inn Hotel Kediri. It was a 3 star hotel, not too big but okay. This hotel was not a really budget hotel but has reasonable rate. Located at the main road to city center, Front One Inn Hotel is close to Kediri Regent Offices and Army district. No wonder when I was checking in, I saw several government officers stayed at this hotel too. So now, I am trying to write a simple review on Front One Inn 3 stars Hotel Kediri East Java.

As a 3 star hotel, Front One Inn Hotel Kediri has swimming pool, meeting room, business center, restaurant and lounge. The total room this hotel has is 30 rooms. So far, I knew they are Superior and Deluxe Room. Too bad, I did not check what are the room types they had. Maybe at the other time when I am back to this hotel.

Front One Inn Hotel Kediri has parking area for its guests. It was not too spacious but fit to 10 cars I believe. The parking was free, guests did not need to pay anything. The building design was simple and modern. It is a 4 floor building but in the building directory, you cannot find number 4 in the building.

The lobby of Front One Inn 3 stars Hotel Kediri East Java Indonesia

I was a walk in guest since I did not make a reservation before. Luckily, the room was available. I got a twin bed room as my request. The check-in process ran very fast and smooth. Unfortunately, the receptionist kept the guest’s ID card until they checked out. So, please take your ID upon check out.

The room at Front One Inn Hotel Kediri East Java Indonesia Review on Front One Inn 3 stars Hotel Kediri East Java

I got a room on 3rd floor while my other friend was in 5th floor. The superior room was good. Actually it was not a spacious one but enough for sleeping a night or two. Anyway, I just needed it for resting while during the day I was in the office.

The bed was clean and comfortable so I could sleep well at night after the long day at work.  I found the room had an adequate lighting so the room ambiance was not too dark or even haunted.

Each rooms has flat TV with local and international channels. Two bottles of mineral water also available in the room. Unfortunately, no water heater jug for making coffee or tea provided but guests could order food and drink from room service.

Then I went to the bathroom. Every room equipped with a private bathroom. It was a standard one with shower. The shower supposed to be a hot and cold water but in the room where I stayed, the hot water did not work well. So I had to shower with cold water at night. Luckily, during the day the temperature in Kediri was hot so cold water refreshed me.

Towels are available in the bathroom. Unfortunately, they looked old and dull. I believe they has been washed but the management might need to renew them. The toiletries available were bath gel and toothbrush only. So, the guests need to bring the toiletries by themselves.

As this hotel has 4 floors so all guests could get to their room using lift. It fit to 3 person since due to Corona19 prevention, the lift capacity is reduced. For those who love to take stairs, surely you could take it. Sometimes taking stairs is faster than waiting for the lift empty.

Generally, this hotel is recommended for those who need budget hotel while in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. You will get comfort bed for resting and  good internet connection in all area. I think these two were the most important while traveling nowadays. Besides, it has good safety and security.

Some local restaurants are in the neighborhood so you do not need to worry about dining. I only paid for room without breakfast since I wanted to have pecel, the vegetables with peanut sauce.

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