Osingdeles The Souvenir Center in Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia

Osingdeles The Souvenir Center in Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia – Sometimes ago, I went to Banyuwangi, East Java for couple days holiday. I had opportunity to visit Ijen Crater and Bangsring Beach. These tourism spots are worth to visit if you had chance to go around East Java or even Bali. Banyuwangi is the easternmost part of East Java Province and it is close enough to the beautiful island of Bali.

For some people, they always try to find local store to buy souvenir for their own collection or for their family or friends. I did the same when I was in Banyuwangi. As usual, I always buy a little piece of souvenir at least for myself. At most of time, I bought myself a magnet to put on the refrigerator’s door when I got home. So I asked the driver to stop by at a souvenir store in Banyuwangi city center before we returned to Aston Banyuwangi Hotel.

So he took us to Osingdeles The Souvenir Center in Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia. It

was a two floor building. The souvenir store was in the first floor. They had a lot of nice and interesting collection. Just name what you wanted.

If you wanted to have t-shirt, key chain, magnet, hat. snack, coffee beans and even Banyuwangi batik; Osingdeles had all of those items. So I can call it is a one stop shopping point for souvenir in Banyuwangi.

They offer stuff in some qualities. Generally all is good but surely the higher price item had better quality. If you are interested to buy t-shirt, Osingdeles has a lof of collections both for kids and adults. Besides, they also have batik Banyuwangi which has specific colors. The motif and colors are different compare to batik you could find in Central Java or Madura.

On the second floor, you could find many of key chain, book mark, mask, wood carving, magnet, and many more. They are colorful and interesting. I found that they are not expensive. So, I could have some for my friends too.

Besides the one stop souvenir store, Osingdeles also has restaurant. It was only next to the souvenir store. The restaurant takes all the second floor of the building. The interior design of Osingdeles Restaurant was very unique. They decorate the restaurant with some vintage accent.

Osingdeles Restaurant offers Indonesian, Oriental and a little Western menus. Unfortunately, the Western one is not recommended. So, I only could recommend the Indonesian food if you wanted to eat at this restaurant.

The food prices are reasonable. Their portion are not too big but they were okay for me and friends. The food and drinks serving nicely. They used unique plates and glasses. As I love to have spicy food so I ordered fried duck served with chili paste. It was nice.

If you planned to come in a group and wanted to have a private dining room, Osingdeles has it. You should make an early reservation to have this room. For groups, Osingdeles also offers menu package which you could choose refer to your group budget and food preference.

For those who loves taking picture or taking selfie, I believe you will find Osingdeles interesting. There are several interesting spots and furniture which you can use in your pictures. I think you should spend like 2 hours for dining and enjoying the venue.


Jalan K.H. Agus Salim 12A Banyuwangi

Open daily at 08:00 – 22:00

Phone : +62-822 1006 8615

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