Beautiful and Peaceful Samila Beach at Songkhla Hat Yai Thailand

Beautiful and Peaceful Samila Beach at Songkhla Hat Yai Thailand – I went to Hat Yai in Southern Thailand couple years ago, way before the Corona attacks the world. I took a shuttle service from Penang, Malaysia. The journey to Hat Yai by shuttle took about 4 hours drive. It was the easiest way to get to Hat Yai from Penang since the shuttle could pick you up at the hotel you stayed in Penang. When arrived to Hat Yai, they would drop you at your accommodation as well.

There are some interesting places to visit while you are in Hat Yai, Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand. I went to Floating Market, Hat Yai Old Town, Wa Hat Yai Nai, Hat Yai Municipal Park and Samila Beach. Actually, Hat Yai is not a big city but it has several interesting places and tourism spots that recommended to visit.

To be able to enjoy all places without rushing, I suggest you to spend at least 2-3 days to enjoy Songkhla Province. You could rental a car of book a tuk-tuk service like what I did when I was there. I booked the tuk-tuk service from Uncle Pee Boo, an English speaking tuk-tuk driver. He is an senior citizen of Hat Yai who was a teacher several years ago before he decided to be a tuk-tuk driver. Hopefully he is doing good during the Covid19 pandemic so he could serve all tourists who visit Hat Yai when situation is getting better.

Beautiful and Peaceful Samila Beach at Songkhla Hat Yai Thailand Beautiful and Peaceful Samila Beach at Songkhla Hat Yai Southern Thailand

Tuk-tuk is an auto rickshaw which common to to use as public transportation in Thailand and Camdodia. Mostly you should bargain when using their service. That is why I booked Uncle Pee Boo who gave reasonable price to the itinerary I offered him,

So, on my second day in Hat Yai, my friends and I went to visit beautiful and peaceful Samila Beach at Songkhla Hat Yai Thailand. According to some articles I dug on the internet, most people who visited Hat Yai recommended to visit this beach. I looked at some pictures of Samila Beach in some website, I found it nice and seems worth to visit.

It took more than 2 hours to reach Samila Beach from the downtown. Luckily, on the way to this beach, we could visit some other tourism spots of Hat Yai. We even had lunch at a seafood restaurant close to this beach. It was one of the best lunch I had while I was in Hat Yai.

Most of tourists who came to Hat Yai will visit Samila Beach. Oh ya, local people called it Laem Samila. I guess Laem in Thai means Beach. Though a lot of tourists visited this beach, I could see that Samila Beach is well preserved. That day, I did not see people did sunbathing. Most of them just did a simple picnic and enjoy the nature. Maybe because of the culture, I also did not see people wearing swimsuit in Samila Beach.

pine trees shed at Samila Beach Hat Yai Songkhla Thailand scenery of beautiful Samila Beach at Songkhla Hat Yai Thailand

Like at the most area of Southern Thailand, the weather in Hat Yai was hot and humid. Please apply sunblock and bring water along. If you wanted to have fresh coconut, you could have one from street sellers who were waiting for buyer along the side walk area.  You also could get fresh lotus, souvenirs, snacks, coconut ice cream and drinks from them. Good thing is none of these hawkers force you to buy their stuff.

The most famous spot in Samila Beach is the Golden Mermaid Statue. Seems like every tourists wanted to take picture with this statue. No wonder that we had to wait in line to get the picture with this icon. Actually there is another statue, Cat and Rat but I did not go searching them.

Nearby the Golden Mermaid Statue, I saw some people riding the horse. You could ride on it too with some cost. I did not check how much it cost. I could see people were happily riding the horse on the nice white sand of Samila Beach. If you love jogging, I believe this beach is a nice place for jogging.

As one of nature conservation area, Samila Beach is nice and attractive. Some area are shaded by the pine trees and under these trees people were sitting, relaxing and enjoy the beach.

I heard that there is public bus going to this beach from bus station in the city center but I did not find out since we had Uncle Pee Boo with us. People said the best time to enjoy this beach is in the afternoon which is around 1530 – 1730. I think the sunset in Samila Beach should be very nice. Unfortunately, I should return to the city before that.

There are some nice accommodation nearby the Samila Beach. If you wanted to experience staying by the beach, you could stay for one night at this area. I think it would be awesome. I wanted to try someday in the future. Hopefully I could get another opportunity to visit Hat Yai again. It is very nice city though small.

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