Delicious Mutton Satay and Soup At Elyas Malang East Java

Delicious Mutton Satay and Soup At Elyas Malang East Java – Indonesia is rich with cultures, natural wonders and culinary. If you visited to one island, you might find several specific or typical dishes which you will not find at the other island. However, there are other dishes which are similar one to another.

Generally, mutton or lamb in Indonesia is cooked by grilling them as satay or cooking them as soup. Indonesian called it Satay and Gulai. On this occasion, I wanted to give a simple review on a mutton satay stall in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. The stall called Depot Sate Gule Kambing Bang Elyas. Basically, depot means a small restaurant or a food stall.

Mutton Satay and Soup At Elyas Malang East Java Delicious Mutton Satay and Soup At Elyas Malang East Java

In Malang City, there are several local restaurants which sell mutton satay and soup. Unfortunately not all is good. After I tried some of them, I found out that Bang Elyas’ place is the most recommended.

Since this is the cleanest mutton satay and soup house in town, then I said that Bang Elyas’ place is the most recommended one. Based on other’s comments, the taste of the food is good as well. So, I believe that I went to the right place that evening.

price of Mutton Satay and Soup At Elyas Malang East Java

Surely I wanted to order the good food at Bang Elyas’ place. However this place only serves the customers with those two dishes which are Satay and Gulai. You can choose the satay with fat or non fat. To be able to differentiate both, I ordered satay with and without fat and one portion of gulai.

The price of one portion satay is IDR 45,000 (USD 3.1) while the gulai will cost you IDR 40,000 (USD 2.75). For one plate of white rice, you should pay IDR 8,000 – less than USD 1. So you could calculate how much money to spend to enjoy the mutton satay (barbeque) and gulai plus rice.

Since Bang Elyas’ house is only opened at 4-8 PM, most people come for early dinner or dinner. Not sure why the operating hours is very short and they do not cook more food for the customers.

I did not have to wait for a long time to get my order ready. The satay sauce was made from peanuts mixed with sweet soya sauce. It was a perfect combination with the grilled mutton satay. Seems they use the young lamb and fresh meat to get a juicy satay.

The soup was tasty. I found some innards and tripe and some more. I know it is not healthy but I did not consume this kind of food often. So, I ate them even not much. You could order to get the meat and ribs only. Since mutton contains a high cholesterol, I suggest you not to consume it frequently.

Generally, I recommend you to try delicious mutton satay and soup At Elyas Malang East Java when you are in this area. You should taste how Indonesian cooks the mutton. It is delicious.


Jalan Arif Margono 28A, Kasin, Malang, East Java Indonesia

Open daily at 1600 – 1930


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