Easy Access to KL Sentral from Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Easy Access to KL Sentral from Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur – I believe most of you has been to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. And if you ever took public transportation while in Kuala Lumpur, I bet you ever been to KL Sentral.

Yes, KL Sentral is the main and largest public transportation center in Kuala Lumpur. It connects all areas in Malaysia, links the urban and suburban residential, commercial and industrial area. All transportation modes are available in this station such as bus, commuter line, MRT and intercity trains. You even could get in to the high speed train to airport from this station.

KL Sentral is an integrated complex. Besides all transportation modes, you could also find residential, hotels, offices even shopping mall in this area. Located at Brickfieilds which known as Little India of Kuala Lumpur, you would see a lot of stores and properties managed or even owned by Indian.

Easy Access to KL Sentral from Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur Easy Access to KL Sentral from Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Right before the Corona pandemic hits the world, I visited Kuala Lumpur. I arrived at the KLIA 2 at night and should go to city center for a city tour on the next day. So, the option to choose was staying near KL Sentral. Why? Because either took airport bus or KLIA Express (the fast train), both of them will be ended at KL Sentral.

So I chose to stay at Westree Hotel which stands at Tun Sambanthan Street. Refer to some reviews, I found that this 2 stat hotel is recommended one. Most of them mentioned about the location. However, it was one of the reason why I stayed near KL Sentral.

From KLIA2 Airport, my friends and I took the airport bus. It cost us RM 12 only. The trip to KL Sentral took around an hour only. Kuala Lumpur’s traffic was good especially at night, free of traffic jam. Then we walked to Westree Hotel from the last stop. It was like 10 minutes walk with Google Map’s guidance.

Published Rate of Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur Easy Access to KL Sentral from Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The check-in process was very fast. I booked the room from online hotel booking to make things easier. Lucky I got a low rate for this booking. The lobby was neat yet simple. I saw several awards for Westree Hotel from some booking providers and tourism organizations. These all the proof that this hotel is good or even recommended.

We got into our room, a Family Room type. This room was fit to 4 person. Surprisingly, we found a simple pantry in this room. Too bad no cutleries were available to use in the drawers. Generally, the room was nice

Bedroom of Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The bed was comfortable yet clean. We really needed a nice place to rest on that night. Lucky us, Westree Hotel gave us a comfortable rest after our long day on the road. The bathroom was clean as well. They provide all the guest rooms with clean towels and simple toiletries.

Internet could be accessed by the guests in all areas of Westree Hotel for free. Each rooms equipped with flat TV and some international channels. Kettle and mineral waters were also available so you could make your own tea or coffee in the room. Praying room for muslim is also available so those who needs to pray could use this room.

On the next day when we got to KL Sentral to get on the train to Batu Caves. So we got easy access to KL Sentral from Westree Hotel Kuala Lumpur. We just needed to take the escalator near by the  hotel to go to NU Mall, the shopping mall connected to KL Sentral. If I could remember it was only like 10 minute walk across the mall to reach this big and integrated station.

So, when you are in Kuala Lumpur and needs a room nearby KL Sentral, Westree Hotel could be one of the options. Even though, there are several simple hotels around KL Sentral, you could consider Westree Hotel as a place to stay.


141 Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone : +60-3-2278 9000 (WhatsApp is available) – Email : westreehotel@gmail.com

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