BOSPro Rafting and Outing Provider in Banyuwangi Indonesia

BOSPro Rafting and Outing Provider in Banyuwangi Indonesia – When you visit Indonesia, you might be interested to explore Banyuwangi, East Java. This city is closed to Bali, the most famous island in Indonesia. In Banyuwangi, you could visit some interesting tourism spots such as Ijen Crater, Greenbay, Pulau Merah (Red Island), The Djawatan Benculuk Forest, some other forests, beaches and waterfalls as well.

You might need to spend 3-4 days to explore this beautiful area. If you love to do surfing, you should go to Plengkung Beach which also known as G-Land. At this area, you could find some accommodation for surfers. They are not only local. Most surfers I saw were foreigners. The most benefit for surfers who has training in this beach is the height of the waves. Some people said that the waves might reach 2 (two) meters.

Other interesting activity to have in Banyuwangi is rafting. This area has some river but the best for rafting is Songgon River. The activities you could do at this river is rafting and tubing. I believe it will be a thrill for those who loves water sports.

BOSPro Rafting and Outing Provider BOSPro Rafting and Outing Provider  at Songgon River

Unfortunately, you cannot do these activities by yourself.  Therefore, you should contact a local provider to arrange the rafting or tubing for you. This provider will provide you with safety tools, guide and the rafting or tubing equipment.

BOSPro Rafting and Outing Provider

There is one recommended provider in Banyuwangi who could assist you in rafting, water tubing and outbound. It’s name is BOSPro. BOSPro stands for Banyuwangi Outbound Star Provider. This company is the pioneer of rafting, water tubing and outbound in Banyuwangi.

Moreover, BOSPro Rafting and Outing Provider in Banyuwangi Indonesia is also able to provide indoor and outdoor outbound. If you came to Banyuwangi in group and wanted to have group activities, you might get their assistance. They even able to provide you with a guide service to Ijen Crater. So, the package for your group will be a complete one.

The basecamp of BOSPro takes place at Songgon Village. It is really close to the Songgon River. This area is big enough for some outdoor activities such as paintball, outbound and teambuilding activities, camping and many more.

You would see some wooden house which you could rent for camping. I did not know the price so you should contact to BOSPro directly to find out the price. Besides, you would see a open air hall which could be used for dining or activity area especially during a rainy day.

 You could find several number of bathrooms. It is designed in Indonesian style which no shower is available. You should use kind of water dipper for shower. The facility service management does not provide toilet paper on each toilets. Therefore you need to bring it your own.

I believe you would need to shower after rafting or water tubing, so please bring your own toiletries and towels. First, they do not provide for the customers. Second, your own stuffs will be cleaner and sanitized.

So do not hesitate to contact BOSPro when you are planning to have rafting, water tubing or even exploring Banyuwangi in East Java. BOSPro will assist you professionally. If you have concern on budget, they will help you to find a way so you could have great time in Banyuwangi.

BOSPro (Banyuwangi Outbound Star Provider)

Sumberagung Village, Sumberbulu, Songgon, Banyuwangi 68463

Phone : +62-852 5907 7923 / +62-852 5827 9976

Email :


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