Thailand and Vietnamese Food at ThaiNam Malang East Java Indonesia

Thailand and Vietnamese Food at ThaiNam Malang East Java Indonesia – I think Asian Food is very popular all over the world. We could find them easily wherever we go in the planet. Besides Indonesian food, I love Thailand and Vietnamese cuisine. To me, they are very delicious and have special taste.

During the Covid19 pandemic, none could travel to other countries. So when I am missing to have some dishes which I usually had in other countries, I should find them locally. Since I love Thailand and Vietnamese food, I finally found the best in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

First, I did searching on some medias. Secondly, I read the reviews and I should find good comments of the restaurant. Then, Thailand and Vietnamese Food at ThaiNam Malang East Java Indonesia was my choice.

Thailand and Vietnamese Food at ThaiNam Malang East Java Indonesia Interior of  ThaiNam Malang East Java Indonesia

Yes, this restaurant’s name is ThaiNam. This stands for Thailand and Vietnam. ThaiNam serves all its customers everyday except in Tuesday. The operating hours is 1030 – 2100. So, you could have brunch, lunch or dinner at this restaurant.

ThaiNam Restaurant  Malang East Java Indonesia

It is easy to find this restaurant. Since its location is just across Malang Olympic Garden Mall (MOG). Next to ThaiNam, you could see Novia Hair Salon. If you wanted to go to ThaiNam by online taxi, it will be better to put Novia Salon as your destination.

You might see this restaurant very small. However, when you got inside; you will be surprised. Their building was big enough even fit to more than 20 person. Besides, its interior design was simple yet nice. It reminded me of some small restautants in Ho Chi Minh City which I visited sometimes ago.

The menus offered to the customers were vary. Most of them were the people favorites at each countries. I could recall the menus were a lot and really caught my attention. The prices were middle range, not too expensive.

I was very happy since I saw Banh Mi on the menu. Banh Mi is the Vietnamese sandwich which made from kind of short baguette with some condiments such as meat, coriander, pickles and mayonnaise. When I was in Vietnam, I had this dish for breakfast or light lunch.

The menus at  ThaiNam Malang East Java Indonesia

Other menus were Tom Yam Soup, Pho, Goi Cun, and some more. So I ordered some dishes that I really missed. Lucky, I had a friend to share the food. Unless, I would be overloaded to eat all up.

Thailand and Vietnamese Food at ThaiNam Malang East Java Indonesia Thailand and Vietnamese Food at ThaiNam Malang East Java

We did not have to wait too long to get our orders served. Too bad I forgot to take picture of Pho and Tom Yam Soup. Right after we got the food served on the table, we enjoyed and finished them. The portion was good, big enough to satisfy me from craving of Thai and Vietnamese food.

Moreover, the taste was very good. Those food tasted almost like what I had in the original countries. While the price was good compare to the quality and taste. I do recommended you to visit ThaiNam and enjoy their food.

So, I suggest you to dine at ThaiNam Restaurant in Malang, East Java when you are missing Thai and Vietnamese food. I believe this is the best and only recommended restaurant for these kind of dishes. Come and visit them at :


Jalan Kawi 35, across Malang Olymic Garden Mall, Malang, East Java

Open daily except on Tuesday at 1030 – 2100

Tel : +62-815 5617 299

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