Room Preference at Samara Resort Batu East Java

Room Preference at Samara Resort Batu East Java – Are you planning to visit Batu, a small city in East Java Province, Indonesia? You could land Surabaya International Airport then drive for about 2 (two) hours to reach this town.

Batu is a nice mountainous area. That is why you could feel the fresh air when you are in this city. There are some interesting tourism spots you could visit as well. You could spend couple days at Jatim Park, Batu Secret Zoo, Transportation Museum or Eco Green Park. While on the natural spots, you could visit some waterfalls such as Coban Rondo, Cangar, Watu Ondo, or go to paragliding area near Songgoriti.

Thereof, you need more than a day to enjoy the city. A room for you and your love ones will be needed during this visit. You do not need to worry since there are a lot of villas, hotels, hostel and guesthouses you could choose. Surely, depends on your preference and budget.

This time, I will talk about a new comer accommodation in Batu. A place named Samara Resort. Located in the city center, Samara Resort will make your city exploration easier. Even if you wanted to dine or shop, the Lippo Batu Mall is within walking distance.

The location of Samara Resort is close to the famous theme park under management of Jawa Timur Park. They are Jatim Park 1, Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park and Museum Angkut. These are also walking distance from the resort.

Public transportation also across this hotel. Unfortunately, the operating hours of public transportation in Batu is limited. Normally, their operations is at 5AM to 5PM only. Luckily, it is easy to find online transportation in Batu and it is like 24/7 operations.

Samara Resort in Batu, East Java offers villas and hotel rooms. So room preference at Samara Resort Batu East Java is in your hands. You could choose villas if you planned to come with groups while single traveler or couple could choose hotel room.

The rooms at hotel buildings have 2 (two) types which are Deluxe Room and Family Room. While at the Deluxe Room, you could choose ordinary Deluxe Room and Deluxe Room with Mezzanine. Surely, all has different rate.

The rooms at hotel building are spacious enough. You could enjoy the room facilities such as tv cable, free internet access, kettle to make your own tea and coffee, mineral water and hair dryer. You could enjoy cold and hot shower. Oh ya, most rooms are non smoking room so be careful if you are a smoker. You should smoke outside the room.

While at the villas, each villas has 5 double bed and 1 single bed. It means that 1 villa could be filled by 11 adults. Beside, you will have living room and dining room which is completed with refrigerator and simple pantry. So, you and your group could have dinner together in the villa. It will be a nice moment for everyone I believe.

Samara Resort in Batu, East Java, Indonesia has a nice restaurant. The name of this restaurant is Jasmine where you could have your breakfast or other meals. The location of Jasmine Restaurant is at the pool area. Some tables were arranged outside so the visitors could enjoy their meals while watching their kids swimming.

The swimming pool is located like in the center of the complex. It makes every guests could access it from their rooms easily. Even though the swimming pool was not a Olympics size one, it was still large enough for exercise. When I was at Samara Resort, I enjoyed the beautiful sunset from poolside.

So, you might consider to stay at Samara Resort when you are in Batu, East Java, Indonesia. It is a 3 stars hotel which commits to serve their guest with best service. One thing you should consider when staying at this hotel is the access from the reception area to the villas or hotel rooms. The access was an open air, no roof. So when you plan to stay during the rain season and do not bring car with you; I suggest you to bring umbrella with you.



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