Buffet Price at The Lounge Mughal Garden Resort Agra Road India

Buffet Price at The Lounge Mughal Garden Resort Agra Road India – Lucky me to have a chance to visit India. A country which I dreamed of since I was a kid. A love story about Mumtaz Mahal and her husband inspired me and made me dreaming to visit India someday. Eventually, I could visit it!

AirAsia opened a new route from Kuala Lumpur to Jaipur sometimes ago. So I joined a group to visit Jaipur and Agra where Taj Mahal Colosseum stands majestically. Since  we landed Jaipur, we have to continue with road trip with car to Agra. It was almost 250 kilometers. We drove for like almost 5 hours to arrive Agra.

Considering the distance, we needed to take a break during the journey. Luckily, our local guide, Vikas took us to a good place to rest and eat on our way to Agra. If I could remember, this restaurant was located in the middle of Jaipur to Agra.

The restaurant called The Lounge. It is under the management of Mughal Garden Resort. I did not know what Mughal Garden Resort is but The Lounge was well managed. Since we heard about cleanliness in India, we preferred to eat at a good and clean restaurant even though the price might be higher. We wanted to enjoy our holiday not being messed up by health issue.

There was several dining area which are indoor and outdoor. We got seats at the outdoor area. The weather was very nice since we came on winter. We enjoyed the food in the nice breeze. Yeah the temperature of winter in India was like 5-25C but we think it was nice and less dust.

The food served at The Lounge was mostly Indian and some Western. It was a buffet so all visitors could take some foods which were served on the table. Do not worry, the menus were vary. You could find several appetizer, main course and dessert. Buffet price at The Lounge Mughal Garden Resort Agra Road India was INR 550 per pax.

Considering the food served at the stalls, the price was reasonable. The taste of the food was good. Me and friends were afraid that we could not eat the Indian food, in fact we could eat all the food served at The Lounge Mughal Garden Resort Agra Road India.

Thanks to Vikas who took us to the Lounge also accompanied us to go around Jaipur and Agra. No regret to visit India and we planned to visit India again. This country was awesome!

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