Jengkoang Hill A Place for Enjoying Sunset in Batu East Java

Jengkoang Hill A Place for Enjoying Sunset in Batu East Java – Indonesia is tropical country lies in equator. Because of that reason, Indonesia only has 2 (two) seasons which are dry and rainy seasons. The sun shines everyday. For those who loves to enjoy dawn and dusk, tropical countries are the best choice to witness it at almost all the year.

If you planned to go to East Java Province in Indonesia, especially Batu – Malang, you could make a list on places to visit. In this small yet beautiful city, you could find several tourism attraction that might draw your attention to explore.  Beside some theme parks that become the main interest of this city, you could also find several natural tourism attractions.

I personally prefer to see nature than the theme parks. Being at nature always give me peace and refresh my mind surely. So when I was given choices to visit, I said I would go with Jengkoang Hill. Honestly, I did not know what kind of hill is it. But nothing to loose and visiting a new place always bring new experience.

Jengkoang Hill is located in Bumiaji Village, Batu City, East Java. When I tried to find out the meaning of the name of Jengkoang, most people I met they did not know. what Jengkoang is. Later I know that Jengkoang was taken from the name of the land tenant who rent that plantation from government.  His name was Jung Kwang, an Indonesian Chinese who planted vegetables at that hilly area.

Jengkoang Hill is located at the slope of Arjuna Mountain. It is only about 25 minutes drive from Batu city center. You can ride on a motorcycle or a car to reach this place. Unfortunately, during the rainy season the road will be very muddy and slippery so the 4 wheels car or non-automatic motorcycle is recommended to ride.  It will be great if you could ride a dirt bike as it is safer to get into a muddy area like this one.

My friends and I went to this place in the afternoon. As we heard that the sunset at Jengkoang Hills is very nice, we did not want to make mistake by missing the moment. Too bad, on our half way to Jengkoang Hill, the weather was changed. Suddenly the sunny day became cloudy and drizzling.

Even though we rode kind of scooter (Indonesian calls it automatic motorcycle for the ungeared one), we decided to continue the trip. And surely, it was kind of scary riding as the road became slippery and we, the passengers had to get off the motorcycle and led them. Luckily, some locals helped us to propel the motor until we met the safer road.

Arrived at the Jengkoang Hill, we saw a lot of people was there. Most of us tried to shelter from the rain. There is a warung in the one side of the property. They served us with hot tea, coffee and fried bananas. They were delicious especially in the cool weather. On the top hill we saw the fog was coming down but the rain was stopped.

We had sometime to go around the property. A tent was built near the warung by a young couple and their kid. I cannot imagine how cold and quiet at night when people do camping at Jengkoang Hill. But camping is a fun thing to do for certain people so I believe they had prepared everything well.

So, in Jengkoang Hill you can do several things such as enjoying the sunset, bicycling, camping, trekking, prewed photography and many more. If you are a nature lover who love hilly and mountain area, you would love Jengkoang Hill. As me and my friends missed the sunset, definitely we will return someday.






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